The early weeks are a critical learning time so it's important to start teaching puppies about the world and prevent problems from starting.

We offer a monthly Puppy Success seminar for all new puppy owners. If a puppy is in your future or you have recently adopted, call or email to sign up.

Start at home with Puppy Head Start. We come to you and help you get set for integrating your new puppy into your family. We address the inevitable challenges like potty training, mouthing and chewing. This program is especially helpful if this is your first dog or if it's been a while since you had a puppy.

Our Puppy Pre-School class is a problem-prevention and socialization class to help your puppy get off to a great start. This class makes learning FUN for you and your puppy. You will take advantage of your puppy's critical learning period to work on manners to prevent future problems. Puppies can start up to 16 weeks of age. If your puppy is over 16 weeks, check out our class for adolescents.