Puppy Pre-School is for young puppies under 16 weeks of age. This socialization and problem prevention class takes advantage of your puppy's development at the age when puppies are the most influenced by their experiences. Over 6 weeks, you will learn to channel behaviors such as mouthing, chewing or object stealing and to prevent second level problems from developing. This is a great step toward having a calm, friendly dog with nice manners.

Levels / Real Life Training is for older puppies, adolescents and adult dogs of any age. This fast paced, 4-level class is designed to set routines and manners and provide your dog with social skills. You and your dog can progress through the levels at your own pace and have 6 months to complete the class. You will teach your dog to come when called no matter what, walk on a loose leash, heel, greet people politely and respond to your requests even from a distance. We always include special topics requested by class members. By the time you finish level 4, your dog will know the Canine Good Citizen skills (the test is included) and will have mastered off-leash skillls and distance training. Class size is limited and designed to provide you with dog savvy, training skills and a strong, lasting bond with your dog. We offer daytime and evening classes.