Private Lessons
You helped the three of us learn to communicate, and understand each other. Your training skills were amazing, and your instruction was easy to take home and follow. Jackson loved doing his homework, he enjoyed coming to see you, and we liked the affection you showed him. (Billy)
Behavior Solutions: Fear and Anxiety
And I wanted to say thanks again for all of your help and guidance over the last 6 months. The change in our dog's behavior is night and day. It's made a big difference not just in our household running smoothly, but also in our ability to enjoy and have fun with the dogs. We really appreciate it. (Rance)
Behavior Solutions: People Aggression
You are a genius, an absolute genius! How can we thank you? At the Vet and the pet store, he hasn't growled at people in months. And now, he's actually going to people, all tail wagging! (Linda)

One of your training exercises paid big dividends a few weeks back. Ron was limping and we took him to the vet. He laid on the floor as the vet went over every toe and inch of his leg. Ron took it all in stride. (Dave)
Behavior Solutions: Dog Aggression
We just finished a dog show and Shane's behavior was so drastically different that people commented on it. We sat around the waiting area without any incidents and I was able to chat with other people. It was just amazing. (Susan)

I adopted a pit mix from a local rescue group. Bonnie came to me with high arousal issues that often led to aggression towards other dogs. After learning Janice’s reward based techniques and applying her thoughtful coaching, Bonnie totally trusts me and turns to me in stressful situations rather than reacting on her own. She has become a true friend and a great dog! Thank you Janice for giving us a beautiful and peaceful life together. (Debbie)
Behavior Solutions: Compulsive Disorders
Only one session with Janice gave us so many tools and tips in working with our English Cocker Spencer. We adopted Spencer from the Austin Humane Society after we fell in love with his sweet, quiet manner and sad eyes. Then we learned he suffers from a compulsive disorder, anxiety and fear. Janice taught us how to help Spencer feel safe and secure so he doesn't have to act out. We followed her homework and the results have been amazing! So many people have commented that he's a completely different dog - sociable and polite, and just much happier around people and other dogs. We even let him off leash at a park recently and he behaved perfectly with joggers, bicyclists, and even a couple of big black labs. He took it all in stride and enjoyed every minute of it. We can't think Janice enough for the difference she has made for our family. (Amanda and Carolyn)
You have made such a huge difference to Sarge and how he interacts with the family; he consistently responds to any and all commands from me. You’re a great trainer and what you do touches so very many lives, even those at home of which you are unaware. (Trish)
Calm with People
Daisy has become such a better dog around people. Friends even comment on her calmness. You are great with the dogs and us humans too, thank you. (Gail and Daisy)
Really Reliable Recalls
Our Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is very skilled at opening doors, and yes that means doors to the outside too. Thank you JANICE for our really reliable recall! When we use our special word, his head shoots up and he makes a mad dash for us! The magic of that special word means more to our hunting dog than free access to the greenbelt and all its attractions! (Mary)

Unknown to me, someone left my backyard gate open. I went out back to discover the gate was open and Bogey was gone. We live on a winding, blind curve so cars can come round the bend without seeing a dog wandering in the street. We have coyotes in our neighborhood. I yelled our "magic" word. To my amazement and relief, almost immediately, Bogey came CHARGING around the corner of a neighbor’s house - with a big smile on his face. (Bogey smiles - he really does.) He thought it was a drill at Janice's and boy was it fun! Bogey was none the worse for wear and thought it was a grand adventure. I was SO THANKFUL that we had practiced this really reliable recall. In fact, I need to go practice right now. (Emy Lou)

It was early in our training. Shiner ran … around the corner of a building heading toward South 1st Street (a very busy road). We yelled the secret word and, even though he couldn’t see us, he came running back around the corner to us – all within seconds. It was great! (Scott)
Pre-adoption Counseling
The pre-adoption consultation was incredibly valuable. Even though we’d had dogs for years, it was amazing how much we could still learn. While we weren’t sure exactly what to expect, we wanted to make a good choice for our family including the cats. You helped us get clear on what we wanted. We learned to understand what dogs were telling us about who they are and what they need from a family. (Kathy and Alice)